- More than 500 feasibility studies for Towers and Masts in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, UK.
- More than 3000 Towers and Masts designed for 3 continents. Including the production and assembly drawings, and the foundations (raft, raft and pier, micropiles, etc etc).

❯ Martinique – Towers (20 – 40m height) for the new Telecom grid to connect all villages.
❯ Guadeloupe - Towers (20 – 40m height) for the new Telecom grid to connect all villages.
❯ Reunion Island – Replacement and design of new sites (25 – 45m height) to fulfil the lack of network.
❯ Ivory Coast – for the new Telecom grid and TNT signal to connect all villages. Self- supported towers with 50-100m height and guyed masts with 150-200m height.
❯ Europe – large variety of towers and monopoles for Portugal, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway.
❯ Pacific Islands – High towers supporting a large amount of antennas, located on hurricane hazard zones.
❯ Israel - Towers (20 – 40m height) for the existing Telecom grid.

- More than 50 Camouflage Poles for Italy, France, Belgium and Morocco.
- Development and Design of an Aluminium Control Tower to be installed on the middle of the Indic Ocean.
- Research and Development of a new constant monopole tower to eliminate the Vortex Shedding effect. Recently approved, started to have a high impact in the French market.
- Monitoring, control and inspection of existing Towers and Masts.
- More than 20 Radar/Control Towers designed for army (Jamaica, Niger, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, France, Bolivia).
- More than 800 feasibility studies for Rooftop structures in France, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands.
- More than 20 special Telecom products design (special trucks with telecom structures for army and Telecom operators).